Why you shouldn’t feel guilty for having a good 2020.

The year is quickly ending, and many will say not soon enough.

Naturally, we start to see yearly reflection pop up on Facebook and Instagram. I’ve also noticed an influx of people stating you can’t claim that it was a good year while so many people and families are broke to the core from the events of 2020.

If you had a good year, I want you to celebrate, because I am genuinely happy for you and don’t want you to feel guilty for having a good 2020.

Every year comes with natural highs and lows. Twenty-twenty was a year that, I believe, elevated both extremes. It was a year completely unlike any we have experienced… ever.

In 2020 we faced growth. As humans and as gardeners.

I went from talking mad trash on TikTok in 2019 to using it as a tool for coping (ignoring lol) the outside world when everything began to feel heavy.

I went from a high of leaving — what I thought — would be the worst year of my life back in the 2010s. I was ready to take on the world… and then the world shut down.

My original goal list from 2020. For the first time ever, I believe I accomplished it.

And then the world was on fire.

And then the government abandoned us.

And then people were being killed in the streets.

And then conspiracy theories ran wild.

And then we spent Thanksgiving alone.

And then my dad got sick.

And my mom got sick and thankfully got better.

And my dad died.

And now we are here.

2020 literally sucked so f*cking much.





But I had so many good moments, and it would be unfair to myself to ignore them.

I accomplished more than I ever thought I could while not leaving my home.

Not everyone has the same 2020 plot-line as me. And it would be unfair of me to say, “you can’t have had a good year because of XYZ.” I don’t know what their high points were.

Maybe you started a business, found love, started a family, bought a house, reached a huge goal, became a crazy plant lady! Whatever you did that is filled with joy, remember to celebrate.

But I also think it’s so important to not compare your journey to others. Whether you had a good or bad year.

So don’t feel guilty for having a good 2020.

And don’t feel incomplete for having an awful year.

Some of us had both.

I’m here to support each and every person on their life journey.

Celebrate when you feel joyful.

Cry when it hurts.

Love when you’ve got it.

Run when you’re ready.

Rest when you need it.

with love,