Wedding & Honeymoon

Calbert Wedding & Honeymoon

More than anything, this is a post for our families. We didn't share many photos on Facebook of our day and trip, because I'm not a fan of big albums on Facebook. I don't really know why; I just don't. I like the here or there tactic of sharing photos. Reminiscing a few moments at a time.

Regardless of my personal stance,  I've been SO BAD at remembering to share our photos with the family. Just today, we had lunch with Jared's family and his aunts kept asking about our trip... but I forgot the book that I had even reminded Jared to remind me about.

So, here it is... some of my favorites from our wedding day as well as honeymoon.


A recap of our wonderful vendors

Dress: Dress Gallery

Dress and Suit Alteration: Vanya Designs

Suit: Macy's Clearance

Photographer: Valerie Shannon Photography

Catering: Carriage Crossing

Pie: Carriage Crossing

Cookies: Parker's Crazy Cookies

Bar: Friends from school, booze from Grove's on Kellogg and Webb.

Keepers: Cut at GoCreate

Hair: Ashlee Nicks - KAM & Company

Zurich, Brig, Milan, Rome & Venice

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