Lightroom Preset - Stauffer Fruit Farm


I do a lot of quick edits on my phone. Even if I shoot with my camera rather than my phone, I’ll connect to the wifi and quickly pull over my favorite shots. I’ve been working on perfecting my best #LightroomPresets. They’re like IG filters, but WAY better and SO much more customizable. AND the Lightroom app for your phone is FREE! I have an #AdobeCreativeCloud subscription, but the free phone app lets anyone make their images SHINE.

I want to share my FAVORITE one with you. I named this preset “Stauffer Fruit Farm” after the place it was developed. Deep in #AmishCountry, at a fruit farm Jared’s grandfather (Jack Stauffer) worked for a lived for some of his life.

It both warms and cools a photo at the same time and adds a great touch of depth. I use this filter in my job at Wichita State and on several of my Instagram posts from this summer.


This download contains the desktop and mobile files for accessing and using this custom preset.