Design Portfolio

Wichita with Love originally started as a small t-shirt business to promote my freelancing services. In January 2020, WWL shifted gears into a women-focused design agency to support women-owned businesses’ local & national growth.

quick look at logos


Wichita, KS

Benitez Counseling is a therapy service owned by L’Oreal Beneitz in Wichita, Kansas.

Benitez has over ten years of experience in the field and was ready to present a full, professional appearance to current/future clients and the therapy/counseling community.


Black Label
Candle Company

Wichita, KS

Owner Tiffany came to me wanting to do a significant branding upgrade. Her first logo was created with a simple and overused Canva template.

Looking at her goals and ideal client, we built visual branding that elevated her candles and brand awareness.

Alaniz Designs

Philadelphia, PA

Storytelling jewelry created in the city of brotherly love defines Christine Alaniz Design.

So many small businesses start by creating their first logos. Christine was ready to make a full visual identity that accurately represented her brand and spoke to her ideal clients.


Doctor Mom E

Hutchinson, KS

Dr. Emily VinZant started blogging while on a personal weight loss journey. That passion turned into a full-on coaching experience for other busy and overwhelmed moms.

We refreshed her website to focus on the user experience and add sections on the diets she teaches. Her website also features a membership portion.

September Moon

Andover, KS

Cupcake Queen Cara started her small business in 2014 and never had a website. In 2020 she tackled that business goal.

Cara’s website comes with a series of textured, celestial shapes and a hefty sprinkle of personality.