Pie People

Pie People

Pie people. That’s what we are. Thanksgiving and Christmas were always the best. First, because all my cousins had the chance to hangout and play. Second, because Grandma made pies… lots of pies.

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It wasn’t until I moved out on my own that I ever attempted to recreate my grandmother’s masterpieces. Clearly, it's in my genes, because I nailed it the first time and have never looked back. I also attempted a pumpkin pie from scratch -- whole pumpkin to pie -- at the same time. I don't know what caused me to feel to so confident in my abilities, but I'm sure glad I was. But, that's another story for a different day... I'll see if I can hunt down the pictures. 


A problem with being pie people is that you are a little critical about the all pies you eat. Is the crust from the store? We can probably tell. Is the filling from a aluminum can? We can probably tell. Is this a frozen pie from the Costco? We can definitely tell. Don’t let that intimidate you. We’ll be more than happy to bring the pie.

In fact, we insist. 


The key to a good pie is in the crust. My family’s recipe is the closest thing to perfect that you’ll ever find. It’s flakey and buttery. It’s rich and strong. It’s crisp and, if you sprinkle cinnamon sugar on the leftover dough and bake it flat on a cookie sheet, you have a treat.


You want the recipe now, don’t you?

P.S. If you’re lazy like me, you can use a food processor to make the pie crust in a flash.

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