Meet Jasmine.

I’ll find ANY reason to drink cheap champagne and have a good time. Not only is this a key part of life, it’s a huge part of the Wichita with Love mission. Chicks supporting chicks.

While, yes, I can show my support and give my praise, Wichita with Love is a platform for this. I reached out to my friend, shining star and classmate Jasmine. I basically begged her to trust me and partner with a featured artist collab.

I’m pretty sure the conversation went:

“Jasmine, I’m obsessed with you. I love literally everything you do. I need you. Please don’t say ‘no.’”

To that she replied, “I’ll think about it.”

It wasn’t a no! And now we’re here, part of my first two featured artist who have trusted me with bringing their art to life and adding a little extra cash in their pockets.

Jasmine is a Wichita native who, like all great people, is passionate about puppies and naps. On top of being a total badass, Jasmine has found her love in the world of art and design from a young age. She is a creative powerhouse with her simplistic and classic taste.

Jasmine’s largest inspiration is the strong women in her family. They taught her to embrace being a black woman and be filled with self-love, confidence and strength. She aims to live life like a total #BrownGirlBoss.

Find Jasmine online: @jae_jones_ |

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