1000 dollar product launch

You can make $1000 in 1 week!

This is what I did to make $1000 in 1 week.

In 2017, I started a business with an idea of designing, printing and selling t-shirts to promote myself as a freelance graphic designer. I had a few hundred dollars to invest and built my business in two weeks — more on this very soon. My official product launch didn’t happen until six months later. 

If you put the puzzle together, that means I started a business with literally no physical offering to the public. I had a sorta ok website and a logo that I made in 20 minutes. The only marketing tool I knew how to use was Instagram. I didn’t know what an email list was and didn’t have thousands of followers. I had like 700 that build up over the 6 months to product launch. I also knew nothing about hashtags. So I didn’t use them and if I did, it was not helpful.

This is how.

I shared my story with people.

In the beginning, I was only an expert on one thing: me. I had printed a few shirts before but didn’t have a real press. Jared built my first one for me! #HubbyGoals. I had never actually started a business before. Like, what even are business taxes and how do I calculate them?

So I talked about myself. What Jared and I did for date night and how much I liked a weed with yellow flowers growing in my driveway. (You think that is a joke… it’s not.) I talked about my friend Jordan being the nicest person in the world and about some goats I met at a peach orchard.

I built those personal connections with real people before I ever tried to sell them anything.


I did videos of my face… talking… ah.

My go-to line is “I prefer being behind the camera.” I didn’t like my face or body. I hate talking to people. I’m the queen of standing in an aisle I don’t need in the grocery store because I saw someone I knew walking in my direction.

But I put on a smile and rambled about what I was doing that day.

Fun fact: making videos is a more digestible way for your viewers to absorb your content. I am a word lady, but I skim so much content on the internet. I love videos and videos are not going anywhere.


I tested my product on a smaller scale before launch.

I was at a mini-market on a big art night in Wichita. I told my followers where I would be and showed them the exact product, one shirt, that I was selling. People I had never met, but connected with me and my story on Instagram, showed up just the buy my shirt and say hello. I made maybe $200, but I found people willing to buy my stuff.

make $1000 in 1 week

I didn’t do anything perfectly.

My first shirts I sold where Old Navy shirts I bought on clearance and put my logo on. (Please don’t hold my shirts up, because they might be crooked.) I live in a constant world of typos. And I’ve had products I LOOOOOVE bust and not sell a single one. Don’t chase perfection, because you won’t find it. I live by the idea of seeking happiness. If it doesn’t make me happy, I’m out.


I made products I loved and launched with confidence.

The best thing is, if something doesn’t work the first time, it might just need a tweak. I know that any person who sets their mind to something can and will achieve it. Put on your yoga pants and throw your hair in a ponytail. Let’s get to work and make $1000 in 1 week!

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