ICT Top Spots

ICT Top Spots

I love all things Wichita. I love the food, the people and the central location. From the mom & pop shops to mainstream shopping centers, the city of Wichita shares so much diversity in the business culture. I love trying and visiting all of these places.

This is a list of my favorites… so far. 😍 It’s going to grow and change.  Most importantly, this is a list that will link YOU directly to stories about my experiences. Full, honest stories. I’m not here to sell you on anything, and what I love you can very well hate. But I do encourage you to try any and all of these places.

Most importantly, I’m willing to guinea pig things. Have a place you are questioning? Maybe it’s a new city hotspot that seems too good to be true? Shoot me an email at alyssawichita@gmail.com. I’ll gladly drag Jared & test the waters.

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Chicken Shawarma

Cafe Asia

Little Saigon

The Monarch

Oak & Pie

Tanya’s Soup Kitchen

Lou’s Place

Bento Cafe


Kind Kravings Food Truck

Pei Wei

New China King

El Agave

Juarez Bakery

Livingston’s Diner

Sit @ Thai Bistro


Ill Primo 

Donut Whole

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Cafe Asia

Breakfast Dates


El Dorado Lake 

Aeroplanes Brewery

Basketball & cheese fries

Donuts & Coffee @ the Keeper

Final Friday & Finish at Lou’s

Monarch Patio

College Hill Park

Great Plains Nature Center/Chisholm Creek Park

Thrifting/Garage Sale-ing


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Bucket List:

Glass blowing class

Shakespeare in the Park

Warren 21


(& the beer mimosa!!) 


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