What color is your business?

Having trouble picking? I built this quiz for you! Colors tell a big part of your business story without you even having to try. They are a huge part of the emotions people feel when they think about your company. I don’t think any color is the “wrong color.” Depending on your audience, some are better than others. Take the quiz to find your color!

What is your brand color?


Which word best describes your brand?

Where is your ideal office space located?

What is your business goal?

What word would you use to describe your business' vibe?

Who would be your ideal business partner?

Pick a business tagline.

Which color represents you?

Your brand is playful with an optimistic outlook. Your brand is unafraid to challenge the status quo but likes to keep a calm presence.

Your brand is sturdy and approachable. Your brand is not watered down with fads and trends. It is friendly and honest.

Your brand is pure, non-toxic and light. Your brand illuminates understanding and possibility.

Your brand stands out from the crowd. Your brand is bright and energetic while also showing a side of determination and action.

Your brand is a perfect mix of stability (cool) and fierce (warm) energy. Your brand encourages a creative eye and vitality.

Your brand is filled with hope and joy. Your brand stands for happy times and mental clarity.

Your brand is energy and happiness combined. Your brand pairs enthusiasm with action and expression.

Your brand enjoys the freedom of open spaces. Your brand is truthful and confident while holding a level of calmness serenity.

Your brand is mysterious but holds a state of authority. Your brand boosts confidence in others while remaining simple and serious.

Your brand is fresh and growing. Your brand speaks to many audiences and its visual dominance is relatable to all.

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