I quit my job.

I spent the last four years of my life growing more than I could ever think possible. I won’t make a list, because that would make me feel braggy and complain-y all at the same time. Instead, I’ll tell you a quick story. Seven days ago, I walked away (more like ran, full-speed) from a […]

What to do this fall in Wichita, Kansas

fall in wichita kansas bucketlist

Fall in Wichita, Kansas bucket list items for the season I’ve been in a WWL rut. It’s not a secret. My social activity has been sparse, and I don’t have ANY ideas or sketches for my fall shirts. But it is OK. I knew this was the plan. I put 100% of my energy toward […]

Wedding & Honeymoon

More than anything, this is a post for our families. We didn’t share many photos on Facebook of our day and trip, because I’m not a fan of big albums on Facebook. I don’t really know why; I just don’t. I like the here or there tactic of sharing photos. Reminiscing a few moments at […]

Open Streets ICT

2018 Open Streets ICT Meet Up

Why not give away 34 t-shirts and make new friends? Meeting so many people at Open Streets ICT and continue to build hype around the growth of Wichita with Love was amazing. I’m beyond lucky to live in the city I love so much. Huge thanks to Shelby of Hound and Honey Photography for being […]

2017 — A Year in Review

Two-thousand-seventeen was weird, guys. Don’t you agree? Kansas had a mild summer and it has been over a year since Wichita has seen snow. The political spectrum has given SNL some of its best material in years. And I started a business. LOL… WOAH! I don’t want this to be political or to repeat the […]

Pie People

Pie people. That’s what we are. Thanksgiving and Christmas were always the best. First, because all my cousins had the chance to hangout and play. Second, because Grandma made pies… lots of pies. pumpkin, blueberry, pecan, apple, peach, cherry, chocolate ALL THE PIES! It wasn’t until I moved out on my own that I ever […]

Fight for Feminism not Futile

“You’re not a feminist; you’re a supremacist.” “Ninety percent of self-proclaimed feminists want controlling power.” “The rest of us just want equality.” Sadly, these are three things I was told this week about my feminist beliefs… by another woman. Today is Women’s Equality Day, and it’s hard for me to wrap my mind around the […]

The “Brandless” Brand

Have you guys ever heard of Brandless? It’s a non-brand brand that my mom sent me an article about a few weeks ago. I was immediately interested in what I saw, because everything is literally $3 flat. Guys, I bought organic maple syrup for 3 bucks and that’s out of this world because that is […]

Blackberry Adventures

I had never been to Ederslie Farm before, but I know people who went several times a season. Even though I’d seen those friends post the obligatory “look how cute I am picking blackberries” photos, I didn’t know what real experience to expect from my visit — other than hearing through the grapevine that the […]

The verdict is in… Meddy’s vs N&J Cafe

Jared and I are total foodies. We love making dates out of trying new, local restaurants. Three years ago, Jared went through a phase where he wanted to try a Mediterranean place. I kept pushing back, because, yeah I like hummus, but the rest seemed a little weird to me. About a year later I […]