How Advertising is Changing Instagram

Instagram 2021 Algorithm

End of the day, Instagram is a money-making company. The 2021 Instagram algorithm changes affect all of us. Ads are becoming less polished and less ad-y. They’re becoming raw, unfiltered, humanistic looks at products, outcomes, and promises. Yes — in the same way, Influencers present products for brand deals. Advertising is getting sneakier because it needs […]

Why you shouldn’t feel guilty for having a good 2020.

The year is quickly ending, and many will say not soon enough. Naturally, we start to see yearly reflection pop up on Facebook and Instagram. I’ve also noticed an influx of people stating you can’t claim that it was a good year while so many people and families are broke to the core from the […]

I quit my job.

I spent the last four years of my life growing more than I could ever think possible. I won’t make a list, because that would make me feel braggy and complain-y all at the same time. Instead, I’ll tell you a quick story. Seven days ago, I walked away (more like ran, full-speed) from a […]

How to setup your new website with WordPress

SiteGround Affiliate Link: So you’re looking to set up your new WordPress website. Trust me when I say, it’s so easy. The two services we are using are NameCheap and SiteGround. Name cheap is where you will purchase your domain name (your custom URL) and SiteGround is the service that will host your website […]