Benitez Counseling Logo Designed by Wichita with Love
A quick background:

Benitez Counseling is a therapy service owned by L’Oreal Beneitz in Wichita, Kansas.

Benitez has over ten years of experience in the field and was ready to present a full, professional appearance to current/future clients and the
therapy/counseling community.

Mini Creative Brief

Brand & Business Goals:
  • Her updated brand needed to be inviting to a wide demographic and showcases the acceptance of seeking therapy.
  • Make a comparison of Benitez’s therapy services and the Northern Lights.
  • Set a tone for her brand visually and emotionally.

A. Northern Lights are a free-flowing, natural phenomenon.
Naturally, that flow matches the waves of emotion and clarity in therapeutic services.

B. Pulling inspiration from the NL, the waving lines in different structures add movement that can often mimic life. Highs and lows, but always moving forward. These will also be key in adding visual variation to the branding as a whole.

C. It is always so important to show the human feature of any brand. That comes into play with storytelling and making emotional connections. It is harder to use real faces in your business; we can find imagery that matches the emotions you wish to share, whether that be a family connection or individual journey. The potential clients will see a “face” to which people can relate.

D. We want your primary logo to be welcoming and show your high professionalism and expertise to clients and the community.
We can do this in several ways. Keeping the type healthy, but making sure it has some personality behind it a great way. Nothing too blocky or bland. We want your business to be open to all genders and backgrounds, so keeping it semi-neutral is essential. This will also be an incredibly easy way to expand your brand to your future group practice.

E. Two great things work so well in this clip —
1) Being guided by a directional point, whether that being a personal goal or particular belief, is part of the human journey of self-discovery.
A star in the night sky is an excellent depiction of this idea.

2) The connection and wholeness are depicted in a circle. People strive to feel whole.

F. No two light shows are the same as no two humans are the same. Utilizing the thin lines established in A, we can add a sample of human touch. It’s a great way to add that connection without using a face.

What we accomplished:

Following the guides set in the mood board, I kept the logo simple. It’s bold and professional but has a small spark of fun with the star that represents guidance.

It was essential to keep it simple to allow the flow and pops of Northern Light inspired elements not to feel too busy or clutter. The gradients add that perfect feel of the night sky with beautiful colors.

What L'Oreal said about the experience:
"Alyssa has been a delight to work with! Very professional, detail oriented and does a wonderful job at understating the vision of what I wanted for my logo and website design. She offered more than just a design but a brand, vision and meaning behind everything she created down to the very last detail."