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What to do this fall in Wichita, Kansas

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I’ve been in a WWL rut. It’s not a secret. My social activity has been sparse, and I don’t have ANY ideas or sketches for my fall shirts. But it is OK. I knew this was the plan. I put 100% of my energy toward a year of development with Jared and our home/future life together. 

As we near the end of this decade — dudes, the decade ends in 3 months — I am working on the balance. How do I balance home, growth, work while nourishing my little business that I would love to take full-time? 

We’re going to figure that out this fall. I have sort-of a plan. 

First, I built a fall bucket list for Wichita. This is my roadmap to creating the city-based content I was pushing out when I first launched Wichita with Love. BONUS: if you keep scrolling, I have the PDF bucket list attached for you to print for yourself! 

Second, I’m taking an Instagram workshop with a local marketing guru in October.

My goals at the end of this fall are simple.

Get me the heck out of my house and spend time with Jared doing fun things. I want to create interesting, community-supporting and inspiring content. I want to make the most of fall. Because it is truly the best season.


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Ready for the list? These are the top things I identified — based on my personal preference and nothing else — in Wichita in the fall. This is a mix of medium to low cost events and personal “to-do list” items. 

  1. Autumn & Art at Bradley Fair – September 13-15
  2. Open Streets ICT – September 22
  3. Wagonmaster Chili Cookoff – September 28
  4. Orie’s Garlic Fest – September 28-29
  5. First Friday Art Crawl
  6. Night at the Fountain – October 18
  7. Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Orpheum – October 25
  8. ICT Frostbite Regatta – November 3
  9. Early Morning walk — with coffee 
  10. Homemade PSL
  11. Capsule wardrobe
  12. Kitchen declutter
  13. Family photos
  14. Fall mini-vacay
  15. Try a new restaurant
  16. Make pumpkin pie from scratch

A few items that earned honorable mention, but don’t fit my schedule:

  1. Wichita State Open House Weekend
  2. Blocktoberfest

Pop over to WSU’s campus and check out the new art, walk the Shocker Pet Pathway or eat at Fuzzy’s! Campus has grown SO MUCH right before my eyes. I started my freshman year right before boom of constructions and expansion.

You can also head downtown to enjoy some beer, pretzels and the weiner dog race.

With love,


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