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I'm a Wichita implant. I moved here mid-August in 2012, from a small town in the center of Kansas. TBH, thank god I did. I was grown in Sterling, but Wichita, the culture, the work, the people, the challenges and the success shaped me. I Left home planning to be a journalist. I grew into an artist unafraid to express myself and my feelings. I'm a proud, hardworking, millennial, feminist.

My entire story is not that small town, nor is it Wichita. My story gives credit where credit is due. Wichita with Love is that credit. I identify with the kindness and hope I have found in this city.

My love for t-shirts, because they are THE best clothing item, and the art of design and photography are my outlets. Wichita with Love is that platform.

I am a small-batch artist. Basically, once I print a shirt, I never print it again.  Did you know that all of my shirts are printed in my basement studio? My first shirt press was built out of wood by my hubby. Since the start, we've upgraded to a nicer four-color system.