Building brands for women-created businesses.

I'm a creative branding expert who serves women-created businesses and loves teaching other female powerhouses how to make it work in the crazy digital world.

You have a story. That story is the most important asset to developing your brand. Who are you? What do you value? How do you serve? Most importantly, why? 

Your brand is your statement; it defines your purpose. And if done right, your brand promotes positive connections with real people. 

Using my contemporary & creative strategies, I will help you explore your story and demonstrate how it falls into the three pillars of branding. Visuals. Voice. Experience.

Wichita with Love was established to empower women and women-created businesses. I am here for the 62 percent of girlboss, full-time entrepreneurs. 

Let’s work together to grow your brand with well-crafted, purposeful design, language that articulates your vision, all while initiating your desired client experience

Colors tell a big part of your business story. Take the quiz to learn the color that speaks best to your brand.

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