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After moving to Wichita mid-August in 2012, from a small town in the center of Kansas it never crossed my mind to leave. I grew up in Sterling, but Wichita, the culture, the work, the people, the challenges and the success are the continuous forces that shape me. Leaving home with plans of being a journalist, I never expected to be an artist unafraid to express myself.  I am a female powerhouse.

My entire story is not that small town, nor is it Wichita. My story gives credit where credit is due. Wichita with Love is that credit. I identify with the kindness and hope I have found in this city. The inspirations draw from life experiences and the determination to live my each moment to the fullest.

My love for t-shirts, because they are THE best clothing item, and the art of design and photography are my outlets. Wichita with Love is that platform.

I am a small-batch artist. Basically, once I print a shirt, I never print it again.  Did you know that I print all of my shirts in my basement studio? My first shirt press was built out of wood by my hubby. Since the start, we've upgraded to a nicer four-color system. There are still some hiccups, but being able to put ink to fabric and give life to my artwork is the best feeling.